Holo issue 6 has launched! 

And she continued .....

- A successful strong womens story


Hey, hello and welcome! 

Holo Magazine is created by women for women about women, about females in business, celebrating females with a story, following women making a difference, women who create their own happiness, congratulating women who show strength and courage, sharing, shouting and spreading some positivity. Women rock, you rock, I rock. #holoisus #ourholoworld 

Life is short, life is magic, so lets go on this journey together and create something amazing with a monthly magazine. Monthly we will share advice, inspiration, meet new amazing females, launch competitions, advertise amazing businesses and much more. 

Issue 1

Holo 1 has launched, hit the button below. Issue 2 will be bigger and every issue we will grow, so be patient Holo is new but we are growing into something pretty marvellous! 

Issue 2 .... See her below! 

Issue 2 is here and she is wonderful, amazing interviews, advice and much more. 

Issue 3 coming soon .... every issue will grow and get better and better #happytimes


Issue 3 ...

Issue 3 now live, celebrating more gorgeous women! Let's keep being us! 


Issue 4 now live! 

Issue 4 full of women, festive cheer, some great items to buy and advice. #youallrock

Issue 4 this way, press below!

Issue 5 has launched!

Ladies you are incredible

Let's always be each other's cheerleader, there's too much negativity out there. Let's lift each other up, support and grow together. 

Spring has sprung baby!!

Issue 6

A issue full of strength, amazing women and the Start of change. We have so much to come this year! 

Hey beautiful 

Issue 7

Strength in Sisterhood

In a world where women have historically been marginalised and their voices silenced, there is a profound and transformative power that emerges when women join forces. The strength of women united is not simply the sum of their individual strengths, but a force that has the potential to reshape societies, break barriers, and create lasting change. Holo shows the power of women coming together, celebrating their collective strength, and the incredible impact they can have on the world.

Women supporting women is a force that can move mountains. When women come together, they create a network of support, encouragement, and empowerment. They uplift each other, provide mentorship, and create opportunities for growth. This solidarity helps women overcome obstacles, conquer challenges, and achieve their goals. Together, they build a community that celebrates each other's achievements and nurtures their collective success.

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